Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Branching out - and back into the past!

In 1997 I started a small business, making one of a kind, hand stitched collectors bears. By 2005, although I was doing quite well, a combination of arthritis and RSI meant I could no longer make the bears, and I closed the business.
In 2007 I fell, and completely destroyed my right elbow, leaving me unable to even feed myself for 2 years, and in a frightening level of pain. However, in 2009 my lovely consultant surgeon found a new joint, which could be used in my situation, and he fitted it for me in May of that year - one heck of a birthday present!  Having a very low boredom threshold, I returned to small scale knitting as quickly as I could, and my physio encouraged me to keep it up. By late 2010 I was knitting little bears to my own patterns.
By spring of last year I was selling my knitted bears, at The Brewery Arts Centre, in Cirencester (thanks, Tracey!) and at By Local, in the Regent Arcade, in Cheltenham.  Before long, I just had to see if I could still sew bears, and I was off again!
Many of my Twitter friends encouraged me to make them available online, so I looked at Etsy, and finally my bears are back online, here so I've gone full circle!  I will add other makes, such as necklaces, and other furry creatures, but I'm excited to see where this takes me!


  1. Glad to see you back in business! I love your bears ^..^ My one has such a fabulous facial expression and sits cheerfully near where I work :)

  2. Your bears are so darling. Oooh, that panda looks fierce!

  3. Oh my goodness Michele you have been through the mill haven't you!!! You have an amazing talent to make bears, they are adorable. So pleased you've opened an etsy shop, I'm off to favourite it now :) hugs....Emma xxx

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments, you lift my spirits!