Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hatching a baby dragon!

I saw this delightful dragon online courtesy of Marjorie Crochets, and realised I needed to have a dragon in my portfolio! My eldest daughter collects them and we both have a dragon tattoo (though hers is much more impressive than mine!) so it's almost sinful that i haven't made one for some time.
 This was my result, using her pattern, but lots of odds and ends of different wool, so my tension was a bit dodgy, to say the least - my fault, not hers! So I had another go, using all the same yarn, and tweaking it a little bit, to use my favourite button joints.
Having sculpted the face, too, I think it's a great improvement! However, to my mind it can't be a dragon, even a baby one, unless it has wings!  Spikes up its back speak to me of a baby dinosaur, rather than a dragon, and lovable though a baby dragon is, it really shouldn't be a bit fluffy and soft - at least a hint of irridescent scales should be present!
So this is the result! Twitter & Instagram offered me several names, and I've settled on 'Lyla' and she will go on my Etsy shop soon ( I shall twaek the design a bit more, I think the tail needs to be a bit longer and thinner, and more ideas are bound to suface in the middle of the night - design is always a work in progress!

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