Monday, 22 October 2012

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose!

In September I stopped selling through By Local, a brilliant 'pop-up' gallery/shop in Cheltenham, in order to re-assess what I'm doing and change direction somewhat!  I started making 'artist' bears in 1997, under the professional name 'Orkid Bears', and managed to do quite well, at a time when bear collecting was popular and money was a lot more available.  In 2005 I stopped, due to health issues and changes in my personal life.
Biscotti, just adopted!
Two years later I destroyed my right elbow, and thought my crafting, and independent, days were over.  I taught myself to write with my left hand, and discovered the amazing online community - you can do a lot of surfing using only one hand!  My orthopaedic Consultant, however, had other ideas and 18 months later, after diligent searching, he told me he had found a replacement joint that would be suitable to bridge the yawning gap between my my upper and lower arms. Just over 2 years after smashing my elbow I had to get used to having 2 working arms again!
One of my knitted bears
I gradually returned to knitting again, then, after selling my knitted bears in By Local, along with other knitted goods, for about 6 months, I decided to see if I could still sew bears. I can!  After a year of re-learning the skills and working out how to do it with limited strength and dexterity, I'm satisfied that I can do it well enough to re-commit to my bears.
My bears tend to be smaller now!
So, I've moved back into craft fairs, I have a Facebook Page for my cuddly friends, and my husband is creating a new website for me, where you'll be able to buy my goodies with the aid of Paypal!  In the meantime, you can find them at  and my Facebook Page is  Look out for!

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