Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Making Tiny Teddies

Been so busy making, I really have struggled to find time to keep this up! One of my more popular itms are my small, button jointed bears, and I have recently completed a kit so that people can make their own. This is the bear above, made in a non-fray velour, with bead eyes, but a fixed head.
This shows a slightly smaller bear in the process of being born (don't worry, they feel nothing till they get their first cuddle!)  This bear has a jointed head, as well as limbs, and has contrasting paw pads, unlike the kit bear, which I have kept as simple as possible.
This is the completed bear, called 'Sunshine' who now has a new home! I also do knitted bears, and i'll try to do a blog about those, soon! If you want to have a go at making one from the kit, You can contact me for one, or I shall be doing a workshop to make one on March 3rd, at Gloucester Arts & Crafts or email me

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