Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pulling toes and paw pads. Part one

 I shall start with paws/hands, as they are simpler than feet. Having threaded your needle with perle embroidery thread, insert into the underarm seam at the wrist, and come out in the centre of the seam where the middle of the 'hand' would be, draw through till the last bit of thread just disappears into the wrist seam.

Now insert the needle through the the seam, splitting the thread(to lock the thread in place) and bring it out in the centre of the 'palm'.
Pull gently through, then insert  the needle a couple of threads away from its exit point, to one side, and take through to tht back of the 'hand' to the point you want the thread to appear I usually do it about half the distance from the seam than it is on the palm. Draw through gently.

Pull gently, to create a slight 'pad', then lay the thread over the the end of the hand, where you want it to define the paw pads, and put the needle in exactly in the point in the palm where you did the tiny stitch, exiting in the seam where you want the next division to be. Pull through firmly but not tightly - too tight and you will create rucks in the fabric.

Again, go back through the same point in the seam and out where you want the 2nd division of the palm to be - I usually do do it just a bit closer to the centre stitch than half way. Pull just enough to create a slight indentation in the seam at that point.

Again, go back through to the back of the hand from a couple of threads to one side of your exit point, and pull just enough to create a slight cushion.

Lay your thread over carefully, sitting in the slight notch in the seam line, and insert your needle in the tiny palm stitch, bringing it out again in the seam on the other side of the centre stitch where you want the next division to sit.

Repaet the process for the final pull/claw.

As you finish the last claw, bring your needle out in the paw seam at the centre, where you started, then go back into the same point, splitting the thread again to lock it, and bringing your needle out at the 'elbow', where you can pull it a little tight and snip the thread, so the end disappears.

Ta-dah! Finished paw, which should curve in slightly, ready to cuddle!

I must add, this is just the way I have worked out how to do it, i don't say this is the 'right' way to do it! It's just what I've worked out from needle sculpting dolls and doing a little bit of stump work embroidery when I was at college, if anyone has anything useful to add to my knowledge, I'm all ears!

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